Robur Data Encoding: Compare, Analyse, Invest

Robur Data Encoding builds and maintains a database of company financials, for publicly-listed companies which are investable by private investors and family offices. We cover companies in:

The data we collect is supplemented by over 30 detailed indexes and valuation metrics, including typical ones such as the ratios of share price to earnings, free cash flow, and book value per share, and many others including our unique Robur Score, a filter of filters of interest to value investors. We cover eight years of financial information, where available.

Below is the data we collect for 5 Full-year and 3 Half-year Company Financials:


Operating Revenue Typically ≡ EBITDA; Robur uses operating income in formulas in place of EBITDA because of the more widely accepted definition
Net Income Exc. Extra Net income excluding extraordinary items
Net Income Inc. Extra Net income including extraordinary items
Earnings Per Share Exc. Extra Earnings per share excluding extraordinary items
Earnings Per Share Inc. Extra Earnings per share including extraordinary items
Diluted Shares OS Diluted Shares Outstanding
Share Price at EoP Share price at the accounting date for each period (currently years)

Cash Flow

Cash From Operations One of the key measures in value assessments
Capex Capital Expenditure
Cash From Investing
Issuance of Stock Negative numbers usually mean buybacks
Issuance of Debt Long-term only
Cash From Financing
Start Cash Cash at start of period
End Cash Start cash + cash from operations - cash from investing - cash from financing


Current Assets Rarely available for financial institutions
Intangible Assets Excluding goodwill, where goodwill is shown
Total Assets
Current Liabilities Rarely available for financial institutions
Long term debt
Total Liabilities
Shareholder Equity Excludes minority interests

You can obtain this data, updated daily, by a subscription through Nasdaq Data Link ( Typical pricing is USD 1-3 K per year, but obviously this depends on what you need, and how you want to use the data. You can also arrange specialist data feeds directly with us.

Our company assessment service, which for regulatory reasons does not constitute investment advice, provides detailed assessments of individual company financials and, as we see them, the prospects for the company. It is used by managers of private portfolios and small family offices as an input to equity investment decision-making. For a sample report, or for any other enquiry about our data or our services, please email us: Roburir Enquiries.

Reasons to use Robur data are:

We cover full-year and, where available, half-year reports, but not quarterlies, which are rarely reported in adequate detail outside the US.

We also carry out specialist data encoding of financial information for individual companies and family offices. If you have a requirement in this area, and think it could be smart to take advantage of our high-skill, low-cost data centre in the Philippines, we would welcome the chance to discuss your needs.

Robur Data Encoding Inc. is registered in the Philippines, and has its data centre in Manila. Once again, you can email us here: Roburir Enquiries.