Robur Investment Resources

Robur Investment Resources builds and maintains a database of company financials, for publicly-listed companies which are investable by private investors and family offices. We cover companies in:

  • Canada, Australia, New Zealand (1,113 companies)
  • Korea, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam (1,657 companies)
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark (842 companies)
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium (887 companies)
  • France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland (873 companies)
  • UK (including AIM) (1,198 companies)
  • Other countries excluding US (262 companies, of which 117 are South African)
  • we also cover some 940 large-cap US companies, analysed by the same methodology, but US stocks are so well covered elsewhere that they are not our focus.

The data we collect is supplemented by over 30 detailed indexes and valuation metrics, including typical ones such as the ratios of share price to earnings, free cash flow, and book value per share, and many others including our unique Robur Score, a filter of filters of interest to value investors. We cover eight years of financial information, where available.

You can obtain this data, updated daily, by a subscription through Quandl ( Typical pricing is USD 1-3 K per year, but obviously this depends on what you need, and how you want to use the data. You can also arrange specialist data feeds directly with us.

Our company assessment service, which for regulatory reasons does not constitute investment advice, provides detailed assessments of individual company financials and, as we see them, the prospects for the company. It is used by managers of private portfolios and small family offices as an input to equity investment decision-making. For a sample report, or for any other enquiry about our data or our services, please email us:

Reasons to use Robur data are:

  • Our team are skilled at standardising reported company financials, and where necessary calculating numbers which have to be found from the notes to the accounts, and are not included in the main financial reports (for example, often net earnings before extraordinary items, the measure we use for P/E, requires research and calculation).
  • We are skilled at handling reports in different languages.
  • Our internal data-alerting systems are good at highlighting possible or probable bad data, and requesting checking or correction by our team.
  • We pride ourselves on the consistency we bring to our database, so that, despite mistranslations and other issues with multi-cultural financial reports, in our database operating income for a Korean company means precisely what it means for a German company.
  • In this respect, we believe our data to be superior in quality to that produced by the automated systems employed by many publishers, which are unable to correct mistranslations and cannot trawl the notes to the accounts to fill in vital missing information.

We cover full-year and, where available, half-year reports, but not quarterlies, which are rarely reported in adequate detail outside the US.

We also carry out specialist data encoding of financial information for individual companies and family offices. If you have a requirement in this area, and think it could be smart to take advantage of our high-skill, low-cost data centre in the Philippines, we would welcome the chance to discuss your needs.

Robur Investment Resources Ltd is registered in Hong Kong, and has its data centre (Robur Data Encoding Inc) in Manila. Once again: is our email address.